About me

My name is Sergio Stanga Romero, and I was born in Madrid (Spain) the 19th of June in 1989 from Italian’s father and Spanish’s mother.

Yes, in Spain, so this means I’m not an English native speaker, but I think this language allows me to reach a wider range of people, therefore I’ll try to do my best (please don’t be so cruel to me)!

I (strongly) started to think of following my dreams and do the things I ever wanted (which means basically traveling) in 2017; life changes SO quickly, and after having a bad time for personal reasons, I decided to quit my job in Turin (Italy) – a great job, believe me – to start planning future journeys.

Then I thought also to start writing a blog: I think we all have something to tell… It actually doesn’t matter so much the reason (the reader will find his own one) but we need to communicate, to learn and understand from other people’s perspectives, and right now is the perfect time to do it!

Why Traveling?

My parents are and were big travelers, and they always taught me the importance of receiving cultural insights from other people.

Traveling makes you feel like a child with new shoes, it broadens your mind and therefore makes you happier.

So far I’ve never been outside Europe; I’ve visited a lot of places in Europe, but never went out.

After this decision, my goal is to start a Round The World Trip to totally escape from the “comfort zone” and appreciate every single thing that would come up.


What else? The aim!

What I expect from this blog is not to teach anything to anybody – I’m not reinventing the wheel! – but to get to know other people that are having maybe the same doubts I had recently or the people that are already planning and packing for future experiences.

Therefore I encourage all you guys to contact me through whichever channel to meet, plan, exchange experiences and make this life greater and greater and greater…!