“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

Joseph Campbell

In this tab, I wanted to introduce you the people that inspired me to pursue my dreams and, basically, to start my own adventure up!

Some are Spanish speakers, because I’m obviously feeling more comfortable listening and speaking in Spanish, but don’t be afraid! There are also English speakers!

The main point here is that you all have to find your own “inspirational people or “inspirers“, but you can take the following ones as examples.

From 5th to 1st, here are my TOP 5 Inspirational People:

5. Anthony Bourdain – English speaker

He’s one of the most known American chefs in the world. After years of cuisine expertise, bourdainhe decided to become a tv personality with the Travel Channel’s “Antony Bourdain: No Reservations” in which he only focuses on discovering different cuisine techniques and customs around the world.

Food is the key to meet and understand every culture and the way Bourdain shows the world as it is, makes you feel all the flavors and smells of every country he visits even if you’re comfortably seated on the couch of your home.

If you want to know more about him, visit his own website:


4. Molaviajar (or “Traveling is Cool“) – Spanish speaker

Is a great family that decided to live traveling around the world; I said “family” because molaviajarthere are Adrian (Spanish) and Gosia (Polish) that started their journeys with their daughter Daniela, because they thought that visiting the world would be the best way to show Daniela how great could be life. Afterwards, they had another son, Oliver, which will be probably the same “insane traveler” as his parents are!

They have a lot of videos and posts with really useful tips and their videos are just funny and available for all kind of viewers. Here you have their own website:


3. Makeaventuras (or “Make adventures“) – Spanish speaker

His name is Marc Colins (Spain) and let me tell you, looking at his videos is a really nice Makeguy, the one you always want to meet while traveling. He’s so sincere talking in his videos and even responding questions or comments from his followers; he’s really made for this!

In this case, you can have also great tips of any kind (places where NOT to go, stuff you should put in your backpack before leaving, and so on), apart from his video adventures. From my point of view, I like really much his tips’ videos, but I think there are other Vloggers that tell or show better their experiences and activities made while traveling.

His community is more dedicated to Vlogs (“Video Blog”), but on his website, you can learn more info about him or experiences he had during his journeys:


2. Alanxelmundo (or “Alan Around the World”) – Spanish speaker

His name is Alan Estrada (Mexico) a mix of singer, dancer and actor, and watching his alanxelmundovideos you’ll figure it out quite fast, because he’s really really friendly while making his videos; he uses a great tone of voice, enthusiasm and tells you a lot of details regarding what he’s doing at that precise moment and, maybe the most important, how he feels, which is not always easy to be captured in a travel video.

He’s not fully dedicated to travel because at the end his passion is to be an actor, but he travels every time he can, showing as in a wonderful way how important is traveling in life because make us more tolerant.

In his site, you can obtain all kind of info (blog, tips, etc):


1. Karl Watson – English speaker

He’s coming from Great Britain, and he really was (with his mate James Walsh) the greatest inspirational travel documentaries person.

K&JWith his main youtube’s hit “HK2NY” (“From Hong Kong to New York”), they showed up how can change your life a trip. In their case, it was a circa 6 months journey, stepping by in more than 20 different countries. With his camera, Karl shows every step in that wonderful journey, filming absolutely everything (good or bad), which makes you really feel like you’re traveling with them, and living the same experiences as they did.

On the other hand, the videos are really well edited and this is because of his previous job as a video post producer, which believe me, makes the difference!

Only one more thing, if you want to contact him: don’t call it “Kyle” please, don’t do it! If you want to see why watch his videos on youtube.

To know more, just visit his site:


Who are your “inspirers”? Let us all know writing below a comment with the name or links of the people that have changed your lives so that we can also learn something from them!



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