Top Key Words While Travelling Around The World – Overcome The Language Barrier!

What is a “language”?

We obviously all know what does it mean a language, but why not to ask a dictionary the technical definition of it?

According to the two main definitions I liked are the following;

1. communication by voice in the distinctively human manner, using arbitrary sounds in conventional ways with conventional meanings; speech.
2. the system of linguistic signs or symbols considered in the abstract ((opposed to  speech)
As we can see, when we are able to speak a language, or even only to speak, we can theoretically communicate with other people, coming from the same or different country or culture.
The problem arrives when we can’t speak or we don’t know anything or almost anything about that language of the country we’re heading to.

What can we do then?

There are fortunately some getaways to solve the problem…

I’ll give you basically three options, but I’ll offer you a list of key traveling words in different languages, leaving you the duty of studying them before starting a trip to anywhere! 😉

Options to solve the language barrier

  1. The first and probably the best option (if we have time and money before our trip) is to study the language – I know is an obvious option but is the best if you want to entirely get in touch with the culture you’re visiting in the future
  2. If you don’t have enough time and/or money to face an Academy, you can buy one of the best inventions for travelers: the Iconspeak T-Shirt. Iconspeak is a company founded by Swiss guys that found themselves in a difficult situation in Vietnam, where their motorbike was broken and they had to use symbols on a paper to be understood by the locals, while English and French languages weren’t enough to communicate. They studied the situation and decided to produce T-Shirts (and currently other stuff) with key concepts explained in symbols – a great idea!
  3. Buy a Travis Translator! Travis is a company which main aim is to “Go Global and Speak Local”. With a crowd funded project, they’re producing a smart pocket translator that will allow you to translate immediately what you’re saying in a language to another language. They’re still on the prototypes phase, but in a few, they’ll be able to change the world with this great invention! I bought one, and I’m still waiting to receive it, but I’ll definitely tell you something about once arrived!


List of Top Key Words while Traveling

I know the options shown above are pretty interesting, but in the meantime, I’ll offer you a list of words in the languages I’m more familiar with that can definitely be useful to you all while traveling:



I beg you all to check the words in the different languages and if you see any mistake, please leave me a comment so as to change it immediately!


Have you ever been in a situation like the Iconspeak guys? What happened and how did you solve the situation?

What do you think about all these tips? Do you think are useful?

Please, place a comment below explaining the situation so as to help us all in the case of similar issues!


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