Wanna fly? Let’s discover how!

Planning (also called forethought) is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal. It involves the creation and maintenance of a plan, such as psychological aspects that require conceptual skills. As such, planning is a fundamental property of intelligent behavior.”



In this page, you’ll find some tips that can be useful while planning your future trips.


There are lots of sites that can be helpful regarding this topic, but here you can find the ones that I find more friendly user:

  • Skyscanner is perfect to compare and book flights from different airlines.

You can also check out when the prices will be the lowest for that route, using the “full month” feature, as you can see in the following pic:


If you don’t know exactly where to go, use  “Everywhere” in the destination tab and it will come up with the different routes with the different prices related to!


  • Star Alliance is one of the biggest groups of airlines that will:
    • Give you a lot of info related to these airlines
    • Search and Book flights
    • Build your own RWT (“Round the World Ticket”) or choose one from their offers!



The RWT allows you to choose a maximum of 16 segments (either by plane or other transports) or circa 39000 miles. The best is that once you build your RWT, they give you an approximate forecast of how much would it cost you (after selecting the number of passengers and class type).

  • OneWorld is more or less the same as the above one, but the airlines are different.


From my point of view, the Star Alliance one has a better platform or app to build the RWT (is basically faster and easier), but the OneWorld one is usually cheaper.

  • STA Travel is another good option, even if I didn’t get so much into it.


  • KAYAK is instead a new entry in the post because in the last times this company has made many improvements and developments in its website. The main new updates are the following:
    • Only-mobile rates on the go – Search hundreds of other travel sites at once, plan your trip across multiple devices, access mobile-only deals
    • Plan a trip on a budget – discover how far or just where to go on a budget depending on where you’re departing from. It’s really useful for those who are already traveling and decide to visit a new place but willing to save some money!




Furthermore, while planning within this functionality, Kayak offers you travel alternatives that follow your tastes (e.g.: amazing beaches, ski slopes, hiking spots, etc.), depending on how much time you spend on the website gathering info for setting up a trip!



Did you consider this post useful? Do you have any other suggestions?

Feel free to tell us all which ones do you choose when you plan your exciting journey!


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